All About Artemis

The brand new set of NASA missions, called Artemis, are about to embark! It’s a truly exciting time to be interested in space science! The end goal of the Artemis Program is to create a Lunar Colony by 2028 and that’s only a few years away! Astronauts, scientists and engineers have a lot to do to keep them busy until then! Watch the video to learn all about the Artemis timeline, SLS components and goals of the program.


 To earn credit for this activity, write a brief explanation in your own words for each of the following terms you hear in the video. Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper, take a photo or submit a document, and email!

1. Launch Abort System (LAS)
2. Crew Module
3. Service Module
4. Gateway
5. SLS


Please send all three submissions in one email to: