Apollo to Artemis: Mathematical Comparison

From Apollo to Artemis, there have been several designs of space craft that we’ve used to get us into space. During the Apollo program, the Saturn V rocket launched our astronauts to their destinations. For Artemis, we are utilizing the SLS designs. The Space Shuttle looks very different than both SLS and Saturn V. As technology gets better, missions get more specific and astronaut needs change, engineers have to modify the designs of the rockets to keep up. 


Using What is the Space Launch System? and the infographic below, answer the following questions based off of height and payload.

1. Which Spacecraft is exactly 200 ft TALLER than the Space Shuttle?
2. If you are 4.5 feet tall, how much taller is the SLS (321 ft) than you?
3. If 20 elephants weigh the same as the Saturn V payload, how much does an elephant weigh?
4. If you stacked the Space Shuttle, both SLS rockets and the Saturn V one on top of the other, how tall would they all be?
5. How much payload in all can the four spacecraft carry?
6. Write your own word problem using the NASA Info Graphic.