Biology: Astronaut Protection from Space Radiation

On Earth, the atmosphere protects us from much of the intense radiation from the sun and galactic cosmic rays.  Astronauts living and working on the moon will not have that protection and there are serious biological consequences on the human body from radiation exposure in space. 

Our Artemis astronauts will need to have superior designed and well-built shelters to keep them protected from space radiation.  Exposure will wreak havoc on their bodies and it is a must to keep them healthy.  

In this activity, you will first learn about the effects space radiation has on the human body.  Then, your task will be to research two types of locations for shelters.  You will serve as a potential contractor so you’ll want to make an excellent pitch to NASA.  Create an argument on which location is best for building the moon base shelter while providing detailed support for your viewpoint. 

Astrobiologists and engineers, let’s get started!

View video on #1 Hazard of Spaceflight: Space Radiation.  (link:  )

Take a few notes about the effects of space radiation on the human body as it will help support your decision later.


The two locations being considered to build moon base are underground and on the lunar surface.  Do some research.  You may choose to use the two articles below or you can conduct your own research.



Lunar Shields: Radiation Protection for Astronauts


Lunar Shelter: Moon Caves Could Protect Astronauts


You are in competition for this bid.  Once you’ve made your decision, you will need to prepare your argument.  

Justify your choice with well thought out elaborated reasons (at least 3).  

Be persuasive as well as informative.  

Reinforce your case with several of the human biological radiation dangers to highlight the importance of your location choice.  

Make sure your audience understands why it would be the most advantageous to go with your plan.  Your pitch should be no more than 2 minutes! 

You may decide to create a poster with drawings as well as written text.  

To earn credit for this activity, take or video of your pitch and upload.