Solar Studies : Edible Sun Cookies

Most budding young artists draw a picture of the sun with a variety of “rays” or star points leading from a yellow center.  There is good reason for this type of drawing and during a solar eclipse the solar corona appears like these wavy lines leading from the center. There is a lot going on at the surface of the sun that you may not be able to see unless you have the right type of filters and eye protection. 

On the NASA Web site Imagine the Universe, scroll to the diagram of the sun.

Notice the large dark spots called sun spots, the big loops called prominences caused by magnetic fields on the surface, solar flares and the multicolored chromosphere.


The “A” in STEAM may also be artistically rendered in creative cookies! In this badge activity you are to design sun cookies that show the parts labeled above.  You may start with store bought cookies and purchase the frosting and various candies to create these parts.  Take a photograph of the cookies when you are finished are enjoy!


Sun-Earth Day edible sun cookies:

Space Place Sun Cookies:


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