Supplemental Activities – These activities are not required but can be used pre- or post mission to enhance your experience and space STEM curriculum.

  1. Europa Guides with Activities
    1. Europa Teacher Guide with Activities 
    2. Europa Student Guide with Activities
  2. Europa Encounter Crew Application – have students apply for their position!
    1. Write a persuasive essay as to why they want certain position and  include their qualifications.
    2. FlipGrid– Use this video app to have your students make 90 sec (or less) video applications.
  3. Pre-Mission Research
    1. Europa Mission Research Assignment 1
    2. Europa Mission Research Assignment 2 
  4. Technology
    1. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Apps
      1. Liftoff VR – Experience a SLS liftoff into space, land on a drone ship and return to earth. Free for IOS and Android.
      2. Mars Community Builder AR/VR –  allows users to explore the possibilities and challenges of establishing a self-expanding permanent base on Mars.
      3. Spacecraft 3D Target – for use with NASA Spacecraft 3D App – 3D views of rovers, rockets and more.